Moving variables from a sub-sequence to a main-sequence / Global scope?


New rookie here and my first day diving to UiPath Academy. Have a question and a problem when following the guide to Promote Variables from a child sequence to a root sequence, see screenshot example of what I want to do below (move from Date & Time variables - sequence to Root Sequence:

Below screenshot is the draft of the User Guide I’m referring to - a how to guide for Promoting Variables:

User guide is referring to the Design Ribbon tab option, but all I can see from my UiPath Studio application is the option to Remove Unused Variables:

Maybe I’m misunderstanding big time, but the new version of the UiPath has been causing a lot of confusion when trying to read through the outdated UiPath Studio Guide made available, so I thought I’d give it a shot to ask.

Happy to be joining the community and I’d appreciate the help given on this question! :slight_smile:


SOLVED: 20 minutes later, after reading the whole guide again, I understood that the only possibility was to change the Scope from Date and Time Variable to Sequence

Please ignore my question. Haha! Hope you’re not mad!.. :smiley:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

To change the variable scope you can simply click on the Scope column.
It is a drop-down menu with all the created scopes. You can select the required one (Sequence in your case)



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