Moving to next record from a data table

Hi Team,

Need some advise on getting the next record from the data table.

Case is, I have 2-3 records on myDatatable and it’s working fine. I can see these records using output data table activity. Then, using For each row, I can grab the first record from the data table and put it on another application with no issues. However, when it goes back to iterate the table, it grabs the previous record (that’s been recorded already) and not the next record from the data table.

I tried some workaround and searched for related topics but I’m still stuck on this one. Appreciate your help guys and Thank you in advance.

excel_example.xaml (9.4 KB)
new.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Hey please check this example i hope you will find your desired result.

Thank you @Anjali01. I’ll go check it out later.