Moving three month older mails from current month

I have 2 outlook folders say Inbox1 and Inbox2, In Inbox 1 I further have subfolder containing month name and year (eg 08 - 2019) likewise we have many subfolders, now I need to write a .xaml file where I need to move mails from current month - 3, i.e., 3 months older mails subfolder needs to be selected in this month suppose now we are in aug month in that scenario i need to move mails from may month subfolder of Inbox1 to may month subfolder of Inbox2. Can someone help me with this?

Add below line into outlook Filter field in the property pane
“[ReceivedTime] < ‘05/30/2019’”

Then use foreach activity to move mail to the subfolder.

Hi Aanandraj thanks for your help
, I dont need to make it static as I have several subfolders , so I need to use dynamic values which I could pass via config.