Moving specific content in notepad or word pad to Datatable

I need to extract only specific content in the notepad and though the other content in the notepad changes the format of the area which we want to extract remains the same. I have attached the notepad samples and also note that content which we want to extract starts with new contract or renewal and ends with alphanumeric (0078900001prAFUIOM in notepad 1) . And in a notepad there can be few more areas like this. I am attaching a sample here. Can you kindly help me (1.3 KB)

@aksh1yadav , Hi Akshay , I guess you expertise is needed here. Hope you can help.


what is the issue you are facing? have you tried to use substring after reading the txt? here and here you can find useful information.
then you can add all the data to a data row, and put in on a data tableā€¦ this information you can find it on the forum. :slight_smile:

Please make sure you exhaust all your options, and if after you still have some doubts you can post them :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response back Eduardo. In fact I did a detailed search through google on our forum , probably this has to do something with search term I provided as well , may be I can alter it a bit for my future searches. Thanks yet again.