Moving servers from on-prem to Azure cloud service

We are about to begin migrating our on-prem servers to Azure on the cloud. We currently have an Enterprise On-Prem subscription to UiPath and thus, everything is set up on our local servers. Is it possible to still operate using the on-prem edition with our servers moving to Azure or do we also need to look into migrating our UiPath to a cloud version as well?

I haven’t used Azure for VMs so cannot speak directly to that. I have hosted a private “On-Prem” instance with AWS and Nutanix, so I don’t see why you couldn’t with Azure as well.

I imagine you’ll want to think about if you want to manage the deployment yourself, migrating existing VMs, etc. Roll new infrastructure, keep key items like your Database, Packages, Encryption Keys, etc. Or use UiPath’s deployment Scripts for Azure.

I would recommend reaching out to Support or your CSM for guidance if you are unsure.