Moving multiples of the same files to another file path - hard time reading number in parentheses after file name

I have four of the same files but with different data in each one and I want to move all of them at the same time to another file path. I am trying to create a While activity and the bot is having a hard time reading the numbers in parentheses shown in the image. Is there a way that I can get the bot to read numbers in the parentheses? I keep getting an error saying that couldn’t find the file Sales Tax1.


Hy @olsonse,

You could use the Directory.GetFiles() to generate an array of strings of all the files in your folder.

Use a ‘For each’ activitiy to iterate through the files

Could you try that and let me know if it worked?


could you show me what you mean? where do I put the Directory.GetFiles()

Hy @olsonse,

Please check my workflow (62.0 KB)

If you have any questions please let me know.

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How do I get the files from the “Download Folder” on the PC instead of the “Documents”

Hy @olsonse

Change it here:

in the function Directory.GetFiles(“Files”) change it to the folder you want

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