Moving Licences from a Orchestrator to another

Hi there,
I need to test the modern folder feature in my environment, but on my NonProduction Orchestrator I only have NonProd robots.

I have some Attended licences on my Production Orchestrator (older version, whitout modern folders) and I wondering if I can uninstall them, intall them on NonProduction Orchestrator, test the functionalty and then roll back.

It is possible? It is sure?
Thank you for your help

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Hello @Giuseppe_Intini,

This will not be possible. Licenses cannot be moved from one orchestrator key (Prod → NonProd) to another.


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Is it possible to move them from NonProd to NonProd ?

Scenario: The organization you have Many NonProd Orchestrators, each orchestrations have there NonProd Robot, Dev, Test Licenses. Is it possible to consolidate all licenses into one NonProd Orchestrator ?

Hi @rene.ramirez,

Yes, all the Non-Prod Licenses can be consolidated into a single Non-Prod Orchestrator. Please raise a support ticket using this form, UiPath License Support team will help you out with this request.

Thanks & Regards,

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