Moving From HA To Single-Server Orchestrator

How to move to a single instance Orchestrator installation from the current multi-node instance?

Scenario: The organization has deployed a high-availability Orchestrator cluster and has decided to withdraw the additional components.


  1. In preparation to undeploying the Orchestrator and Redis clusters, stop each Orchestrator server
  2. On the instance required to keep, disable the load balancer connection in uipath.orchestrator.dll.config and identity\appsettings.production.json
  3. Confirm that the Orchestrator server's certificate subject matches the URL of the Orchestrator rather than the load balancer
  4. While the Orchestrator server is stopped, take down the Redis cluster and load balancer
  5. Then, restart the remaining Orchestrator server.

This reverses the process of adding Redis manually.




"LoadBalancer.UseRedis" : "true false"

"LoadBalancerSettings": {

"RedisConnectionString": "",

"SlidingExpirationTimeInSeconds": 600