Moving files in bulk from sharepoint to a shared drive

Is there a way of moving hundreds of thousands maybe millions of files from a sharepoint site to a shared folder in bulk.

2 Main problems

At the moment I am datascraping sharepoint to try and get a list of file names/locations, but after about 2-3 hours the remote machine locks up and I’ve collected maybe 50K locations. So have to manually restart the process from where it is and hope the sharepoint page doesn’t get refreshed so I lose where it’s got to.

The idea after collecting the list of http file URLs is to go to each one open it up and press the download button to save it to a shared location, however this will take forever.

Is there a way of doing this in bulk?

Just to let you know the Open with explorer button in sharepoint is disabled

Hi @charliefik ,

For moving files in bulk from SharePoint to a share drive you can still use the Move Folder activity

Please pay attention that in order to access the Sharepoint you should have ...\DavWWWRoot\... syntax. Please check for more details


Hope this helps
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Thank you very much Marius. I’ll look into this. Your help is very much appreciated