Moving Data From Workbook Sheet to Another Workbook sheet without changing the second Workbook sheet template

I need some help or some ideias to try to work round from this problem

I have Workbook1 with one sheet with large range of data more than 300k rows with 10 columns.
And i have too an large Workbook2 with multiple Sheets and with large numbers formulas as template.

I want to copy sheet(the content of that sheet, rows)from workbook1 single sheet to workboot2 for specific sheet without changing the template.
The problem it’s that my template without any data, only with formulas, it’s already too heavy (10mb/12mb) and transfer more 300k rows with so many columns usually crash UiPath or just take too long and the machine just stay too long using CPU.

What i have tried:
1º The normal… Read Workbook1 single sheet to Datatable. And then write that datable to workbook. Just stays forever… and crashes eventually i didn’t even wait to crash…

2º I try to read in chunks the single sheet of 300k row in chunks of 20k and write/append that datatable to sheet template… but again or takes too long or crash. I did it half hour with CPU always 99/100%.

3º I try to Delete all the formulas to put less weight in the template sheet(around 4mb), read in chunks the single sheet and copy the data to the template sheet without formulas. And in the end, write again formulas that i deleted into the template sheet already with the data. I am having problems doing that too.

Any ideas, invoke vba code that can use that can help me with speed and be efficient?
Sorry about my poor english, hope it’s understandable.
Thank you.

Use Copy sheet activity.

I don’t want to copy whole sheet. I want copy the information inside that sheet and put it on template with pre defined formulas. But i encounter the problems that described above. But tommorow i will try that activity i didn’t even know about that. Thank you.

Hi Vivek,

Copy Sheet Activity only copies the values…But I need sourceFormat…Could you please help me to get data with source format

Hi @Dimach and @Shana_Shaik

use copy paste range actvity u can able to specfic range and u can able copy with original format using paste Type Properties