Moving Data From One Row to the previous Row

I have a scenario where I need to move data from a current row to the previous, I have exhausted myself thinking about this, please can someone assist with a possible sequence or solution. Here’s the scenario:

I want to move the records in row 5(in the attachment, to row 4). Likewise item in row 9 to 8. Anyone knows of a possible solution?

can you tell me that if row Index are fix 5->4 and 9-> 8 ?
because, we must first know which rows need to pull and append to previous rows ?

hello @mitesh_parmar, the rows aren’t fixed. However, the only thing I can deduce is there will be a row with at least one empty column, and the row immediately after it will have empty columns just like row 5 & 6, all rows are to have complete data set across columns.


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Check as below for your reference

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@blaeizyt60 If this is the case, then there would be a possibility of appending the values from the next row to the previous rows, but there needs to be confirmation on the order of values present in the rows.

Can you provide us the Sample Excel file, so that we can work on the solution and also Can you provide us the Expected Output for the same excel sample ?

Hello, for some reason I am having issue uploading the excel.
But see the scenario and expected output below

Expected output

1.Simply Check For Each rows and each Column has Data
2. If Not Found, take Column Index and Covert to Alpha numeric + 65 (ColumnIndex) you will get Column name for Write range.
3. Go to Next row use Add Data row into temp Datatable.
4. Write Range in Range Field (Alpha numeric + 65:DataTable.row.indexOf(row-1) ).toString.

Try this Logic.

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Here is my solution, BUT, it does have a little bug i left for you guys to fix :slight_smile:
Sequence6.xaml (23.6 KB)

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