Moving a NuGet Package to Orchestrator Feed

I’m trying to figure out exactly how packages are moved to the orchestrator feed and none of the online documentation is helping. The web.config file for orchestrator is pointing to NugetPackages\Activities. If I want to move a NuGet package to orchestrator do I copy the entire folder to NuGetPackages\Activities? Do I also need to copy just the .nupkg file to NuGetPackages\ActivitesSource?

Thanks in advance.


Please copy only the package file (*.nupkg) over to your orchestrator feed. It’s usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\NuGetPackages\Activities.

This will ensure the packages are available in each robot machine and user profile as needed.

Hope this helps you!

Is the .nupkg file extracted when a bot runs? The rest of the files in NuGetPackages\Activities are folders containing various package versions with .nupkg, .sha512, and .nuspec files.

For example, in NuGetPackages\Activities\UiPath.Cognitive.Activities there is a single folder ‘2.0.6716.19435’ and in that folder is