Moving a file from local machine to another

Hey All,

I have a file that is created during a process run that needs to be moved to another local machine for processing. Both machines are on the same network. However due to some security restrictions I am having difficulty doing so with the method currently known, CMD " echo F|xcopy /S /Q /Y /F /Z \fileshare\source_folder\source_file \destinationVDI\c$\dest_folder\dest_file".

I was wondering if anyone knew of a different way of accomplishing this? Are there any managed packages out there?


Hi @Jarzzz

We do have a Move activity in UiPath to fulfill your needs but since you mentioned that the file transfer is restricted between the two machines, hence I am not sure if this would work for you or not.

The alternate way can be to have a common shared folder that is accessible from both the machines so that rather going from A->B, you can goto A->B->C

Please let us know how that works and maybe add more details to it like the error when you perform the xcopy.



If we were to go from A->B->C the B->C would require a robot on the C machine correct?

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@Jarzzz No the robot in A should be able to do this. So in this case since your A(source) does not communicate with C(destination) and reasons can be different subnet, firewall blocks, ports blocks etc. But since A can communicate with B(shared folder) and C too can communicate with B, this shouldn’t be a problem. Let me know if the issue comes and will try to search more from my end.

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