MoveFile doesn't delete file from source directory

I have used MoveFile to move thousands of files. After upgrading pc, maybe 5-10% of files in process are copied to destination directory but they also still exist in source directory.

New pc is much faster than the old one, so could it be reason to this strange behaviour?


Are you getting any error here ?

Hi @erva

I also have one of the best configurations for speed. But it works fine. It should not retain the file after moving. Make sure that you are not getting any errors in moving the files from the source to destination…

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MoveFile is in the Try…Catch block. When file is already in destination folder, exception rises. That’s made to avoid processing same file two times if they accidentally send to process twice what can happen.

When file is not “Deleted” from source directory, no exception has risen. Have to study this behavior more at weekend…yes, going to work at weekend :slight_smile:

Been testing MoveFile activity and it seems to sometimes only “copy” file to destination directory. Just run about 45 files and it leaved four files to source directory.

Replaced MoveFile with CopyFile and Delete activities, they seem to work fine.

Files are in DropBox directory, i don’t know if it possible that it returns files to source directory immediately after UiPath moves them to destination dir?

This strange behaviour has started about month ago, since then in processes have been double files.