Move Window fails in Studio but not in Orchestrator

This just started when we updated to 2021.10 release.
I have a move window to move my Chrome window to location 0,0 and also set the size to 706hx1288w (kind of laptop setting). [The app won’t work in Firefox or IE. And you don’t support Edge.]
Re-sizing works perfectly when running my process manually in Orchestrator.
But when the RPA runs, it fails.
Interestingly, it sets the width to 1044 (consistently). [I’m not capturing the height.]
I’ve checked with other devs and they’re seeing the same thing.
You can easily test it yourself. Open a Chrome window, attach it, use movewindow to set it to 0,0,706,1288. Then use get position and look at the width. In Orchestrator manual, it will be 1288. In RPA execution, it will be 1044.

Hi @dennis.werner1,
Would you be able to upload an example process so we could test it on our end and investigate further?

Can’t upload an example, but have found more information.

If the Robot > Settings > Resolution Width & Height is NOT EQUAL to the requested window size, the moveWindow will fail and come up in a smaller size (width). This happens when the robot is any size larger than the requested moveWindow size.

i.e. I was requesting moveWindow = 1288x706 and the settings in the Robot was 1920x1080. Which is the size of my monitor for development.
Changing the robot setting to 1288x706 fixed the issue. I worked down thru multiple sizes in the Robot from 1920x1080 until I got to the 1288x706 value. At that point, it actually started working.

Why am I re-sizing? Because my automation needs something smaller than a laptop display - and because Chrome want to open in an even SMALLER size [sometimes - I don’t see a pattern as to when it wants to do that].

So that is a temporary workaround. And it is working for others in our company now, also. Because each person has their own robot environment they can tweak.

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@dennis.werner1 what version have you upgraded from? Thanks

Orchestrator is v2021.10
Studio is v2020.10.8
movewindow works in Studio but not in Orchestrator.
STILL can’t figure out why.