Move transition starting point

Hi Experts

I have created a state machine with a couple of transitions. The flow looks like this:


But how do I move the starting point of the transition to the same starting point? I can only seem to do this when I delete the transition and create it over again. Drag and drop only seems to work when moving to an “empty” starting point:


if im getting it right you want to transition back to the start at all states?

What do you mean by starting point to starting point?
You want to transition back to the same start? you can add a new transition in your state to go back on a condition to the same state.

I would also suggest to use a flowchart in this situation. Any specific reason to use state machines?

Basically I want to know how I can get the flow to look like the second picture and I started out as shown in the first picture. The reason for asking is that when you open the triggers you can see all triggers at once when the flow is like in the second picture - that is not possible if the flow is like the first picture.

The example is just a simplified example for illustration only - not really a matter of using state machines or not.

Ok, for this i will have to look at your transition conditions for all 3.
If the conditions are based on the same value it will loo like 2nd image
Something i created:

got it :slight_smile: