Move pdf file two or more

Hello, I need your help to move two or more pdf files but below I have mentioned some information about that.

  1. Those files are downloaded in the download folder so, in that folder so many other files are available.
  2. downloaded pdf file name I don’t know because it downloaded by robot and its changes with article number
  3. downloaded files sometimes 2 or sometimes 4 or sometimes 10 or more.

so, can you say which technique I can use like, directly file download and more in a specific folder?
please say that with explanation.

Hello @rAE_rAS

Does that folder have any other pdf files? If not, you can do as below to get the pdf file names:
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Directory.Getfiles(“folder path”,“*.pdf”)

But in that folder other files also available

The files should not be downloaded to a generic space without any kind of naming convention.

The browser should prompt for where to save a file, enter the filepath including a subfolder so that all downloads for RunX live in the folder called ‘RunX’.

Or if you cannot control browser behaviour, get href of the button you click to download and then use the HTTP call to download to a specific location.