Move /Migrate Queue Items while preserving information

I looked around for a while to see how I could migrate queue data from que A to Que B while preserving all information (Create / End date, collection info, Status, etc.) with the intention that Que A would go away. The simplest way I found was to perform a simple SQL update on the orchestrator DB to update the QueueDefinitionId from que A to B. Orchestrator responded as expected in testing.

UPDATE QueueItems
SET QueueDefinitionId =

After update, Que A will no longer have that item as it will show under Que B with all information.

Obviously there are many risk with directly modifying this information so due diligence needs to be performed to ensure the correct information is being changed and there is a rollback plan. I would appreciate if someone could comment on whether this option may introduce other issues with orchestrator.

Why do this? Organization required restructuring of folders and access. We wanted to preserver que items for analytics and tracking. Other options within studio did not allow for preservation of que item information.

Possible suggestions: Create the ability for an admin to move que items to new que in orchestrator (Bulk download and upload options do not do this, they do not preserve underlying que data or status) same with “Add Que Item” in Studio