Move Mail to folder not running properly


Somebody who could give me a hand with it?
I am trying to move mails from “inbox” (“Bandeja de entrada” in Spanish) to a subfolder (“Truecalia”) after create a excel file with all the information about the messages.

When it try to move the message it returns me a message “Not server address provided” I gave it the CurrentMail as argument and tried with the route like “Bandeja de entrada\Truecalia” and too “\\Bandeja de entrada\Truecalia”

Thank you =)

Hi @joseprzgonzalez,

Can you please give the path as below(need to add slash(should be forward slash) in the beginning as well):
example – /Inbox/Interviews

“/Bandeja de entrada/Truecalia”

It should work.


Thank you @sonaliaggarwal47 , It finally works =)
Inside of an “Use Desktop Application” seems that It must be used an “Move Outlook Mail Message” with the right route and not use “Move Message to Folder” (from Mail Exange) or “Move Mail” (from Gmail / Outlook integration)

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