Move IMAP Mail Message: Timed out while waiting for Mail Service to connect

I have a problem with the robot I would love to get help from you.
The process is:

  1. The robot receives an email (Gmail) with a string The string is read successfully.
  2. After the robot finishes performing the actions, it should move the email to a folder named “Done” or “Failed” depending on the actions it performed.

Today I started getting an error at the point where the robot needs to move the email to a folder.

Error: Move IMAP Mail Message: Timed out while waiting for Mail Service to


This must be because of mail server response

But still this can be ma anger by retrying this activity again and again for atleast minimal number of times until the mail is moved
So the sequence of activities will be like

—use a START PROCESS activity and mention the exe file path of the mail application you have
This is done to you nature that the application is connected to server before moving the mail
If it is from browser open it with OPEN BROWSER activity

—then Use a RETRY SCOPE activity and place the above mail activity in the action block and leave the condition block empty
And put the no of retries as 4 or 5 or to the number you would like to retry

This will ensure that the mail is moved to the folder or will try again to some number of times until it is moved

And keep this retry scope in a try catch block because after number of retries if it fails then it will get caught in CATCH block where you can let know users that bot got failed because of the he server issue

Cheers @Arthur_Ziganshin

But the server is okey, The robot manages to receive emails and read them And sending emails works well too.
The problem is in the past the email to another folder.
is there another way to move an email to a folder?

Hmm MOVE MAIL MESSAGE Is the easy one and I m sure on opening the mail account either in web or in desktop application and retrying the activity that move the mailmessage will work for sure
Even this happens with outlook sometimes and this way have worked

Cheers @Arthur_Ziganshin