Move Folder to another Folder

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For that we need to first create a folder with CREATE DIRECTORY activity and then use either MOVE FILE or INVOKE METHOD to move the file

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Thank you,but we cannot use invoke method if we create directory and it will throw error saying that directory already exists

@Soumya587 Check this Workflow:
There are two Folders SourceFolder which contains Files and DestinationFolder where another Folder needs to be Created and Files from SourceFolder needs to be copied to this.
What the Workflow does is :

  1. Creates the Destination Folder with new Folder Name
  2. Gets the Files From Source Folder one by one and moves it into the Destination Folder Created.
  3. Deletes the SourceFolder

In this way Moving the Folder with Files can be achieved, This is one way I Implemented, but there might be other ways. Hope it helps :sweat_smile:
Try running the workflow and Tell me if it works (109.5 KB)

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Thank you so much that was helpful,I have implemented in the other way around and it worked

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Thanks supermanPunch! It’s works for me! Greetings

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