Move files

I read a mail from mail box. Check for attachments if any and if yes, I save it to a folder. I rename the files by appending date and time to the file name using move file. For some files, it renames as expected. But for some files, it retains the file and also creates a renamed file. Should not retain the older file after performing “Move file” activity. Please help me on this.

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It shouldn’t happen unless you are using .Copy.

Though not really needed, you could try this after Move

Check File Exists (oldFilePath)

If True —> File Delete (oldfilePath) (better keep in try catch or continue on error=true)

I tried even that and also tried displaying the file exists Boolean output. It returned false even when the file exists. This problem occurs only when there are multiple attachments in the file. When its only 1 attachment, it performs the operation as expected.

The same set of files if i place it in mails separately, it works fine.