Move files which are only .jpg format from root Folder to another Folder

Hi all,

I need to move files which are .jpg format only.
In root folder, there are lot of files (.pdf, .doc, etc.) and I need to organize that folder by moving(Move to activity) images to another folder.
How could I overcome that problem?

Thanks in advance!

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Hope these steps would help you resolve this
Use a assign activity like this
Arr_files = Directory.GetFiles(“yourfolderpath”,”*.jpg”)

Where arr_files is a variable of type array of string
—now use for each activity and pass the above variable as input
—inside the loop use a MOVE FILE activity
And in path property mention as item.ToString
And in destination property mention your folderpath

Cheers @bp777


@Palaniyappan thank you so much again! :pray:

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