Move files issue


I am moving files from source folder to destination folder using “ for each file in folder” “ move file” with overwrite option.
But since the destination folder is a network drive. So moving each file gets slow. Also I don’t know why - but occasionally a few files are getting missed with looping. Can you suggest a way to speed this up and accurate?

Thanks a lot

Could you just move the whole folder?

you can follow this vedio
it will help you


HI @A_Learner

Just look over on this thread


Hi @A_Learner,

You need to ensure that when using move file/copy file / delete file that you perform pre and post checks.

You can use Path Exists (file) activity and provide the full file path. Use this Boolean with retry scope and if the file path does not exists then the move file is tried again.

Do the same post move to confirm if the file was moved.

This is one way of interacting with network drives.

Hope this helps.