Move file using variables

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Can anyone help me with the following? I am trying to use a For Each and a Move File to move files from one folder to another. I am also using Assign as the From Path & Destination Path in the Move File Activity will need to be a variable. I am getting a compiler error (see below). The variables I am using in the Assign activity’s are of type String Array and the argument type in the For Each is set to Object

The error I am getting is "Value of type ‘String’ cannot be converted to ‘1-dimensional array of String’

can you share the workflow

Sorry I can’t - The forum won’t allow me because I am a new user.

I can share more screen shots?

Yeas sure

TO get the files in that path, what are you using in the assign?



Try below expression to read files from folder.

  DirGetFiles [] = Directory.GetFiles("Folder path")

And then use ForEach loop to iterate one by one file and inside that use Move File activity to move the files.

     ForEach item in DirGetFiles
            - Use Move File activity

Source - item
Destination - Destination Folder Path


Hi @BrianW

Attached workflow to move all the files to desire folder

Move File.xaml (5.0 KB)

JothyPrasanth M

Var_FolderPath (is a variable that has a folder path that changes each time I run the process).

transactionClientCode (is a code that changes each time I run the process)

Thanks for the reply - the problem is my folder path is stored in a variable becuase it will change each time I run the process. So I can’t use a hard-coded folder path

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That’s fine. Assign that path to one String variable and pass it there.

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Thanks for the reply @jothyprasanth.m but again my folder path is stored in a variable because it will change each time I run the process. That was my original question

Thanks @lakshman - can you explain further? Isn’t that what I am already doing?

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Use this below code to move your files in Invoke Code Activity,
DestinationPath Should have file name like xyz.xlsx.


Could you please print the below value using Message Box activity and show me screenshot once what it’s printing.

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DireGetFile is a path to a folder which contains files I want to move

“C:\Administration\Robotic Process Automation\07.Clients\Confirmations\2019-12-19\2019-12-19_FRG001_Confirmation”


Create one Array of String variable assign that folder path to that and it should be like this.

          getFiles [] = Directory.GetFiles(DirGetFile)

And then use ForEach loop as mentioned in my previous post.