Move File Error

Scenario: We have a source folder of multiple XML’s with a different title and content, we have a selection of robots that run over the source folder. To Complete the task, the robot picks up an XML, moves it to a specified in-progress folder UNIQUE to that robot, when it has done all the work in the file it moves it to completed. There are checks in places to ensure that only one robot can handle each file (file exists for example)

Steps to reproduce: Move file activity from a shared folder, to a unique folder, to a final shared folder.

Current Behavior: In some instances (approximately 40% of the time) the robot is finding a duplicate file name in the completed causing it to error. This happens a few days later, not on the same day.

Expected Behavior: FIles are uniquely named so there are no duplicates.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2017.1.6435 and orchestrator for that version.

Last stable behavior: 26/03/2018
Last stable version: 26/03/2018
OS Version: Win 7
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc): n/a.

The system that generates the XML’s and places them in start creates unique file names on each one. They are not duplicates before the robot runs (otherwise this error would occur here).

Hoping somebody can help / explain the Move File activity in more technical detail.

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can you share the most simplest workflow that reproduces this error?

It’s difficult to trim out surplus activities as it’s quite a complex workflow, I have simplified it the best I can, trying to keep all functionality in it.Main.xaml (21.9 KB)

you can build a custom wf only for this issue

So is this possibly an issue with the move file activity?

we have to see, for now i would need a reproducible simple workflow to test with