Move Exchange Mail Message

Hi all,

i am trying to use this Move Exchange Mail Message activity to move items from my sent folder, to another folder. I am not sure what input is needed for this to work. I keep getting errors with “Mail Message”

can anyone provide guidance on how this activity works?

item should be of type System.Net.Mail.MailMessage. Please change the Type Argument (in the properties pane) from Object to System.Net.MailMessage

I have tried and that clear up the warning in the exchange activity, but creates new errors


Is there a way to convert the item to after the initial start of the for each?

Please can you paste the screenshot of the workflow? Is messages a variable to store the list of mail messages?
If so the Variable should be of type List

Hi stored the messages in a variable which I called ‘output’ I tried using this as the input to the move exchange mail message activity

I think the logic (if I understand it correct) should be:

  1. Get Exchange Mail Message
    (Properties : Output - messages → This will hold a List of MailMessage)
  2. ForEach item (Type Argument- MailMessage) in messages
    Move Exchange Mail Message
    Sent folder name

that certainly did something! I am no longer getting errors and it runs, but isn’t actually moving the messages anywhere. Did you run this on your end with success?

I don’t have Exchange on my machine, but this is the normal process.

Please ensure the folder name is correct.

May be it is “Sent Items” and not “Sent”. Also ensure the spaces and the Upper and lower case of the folder name are exactly the same as the Folder name to which the mail moves.

ok I’ll play around a bit thank you so much for the help!

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Did you fix it? I am having the same problem

Hi, what is the status here?