Move excel file once the 9rows completed in every excel

in this case, moving excel files to erroroutput folder here move activity under
To : location…
how can i mention completion of 9 rows in excel only move to errorp/p folder ?? can you please suggest and help

using reframwerok have total 27 transactions, 3 excels each excel has 9 rows

Hello @Deepthi_Borra,

Count the number of rows every time in a loop once it equals 9 rows then use Move File activity,


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9 rows are not fixed just example i have given, I am multiple excels as input in future the count may increase to 10,11 or decrease to 2 ,3 also

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okay, how do you get a count?

for 3 excel - each excel 9 rows
1 excel - 9 rows
2nd excel - 9 rows
3rd excel - 9 rows

In dispatcher under add queue item - have total 27 transaction items

in performer just using
using this command tying data into excel

After typing data application, i have used add data row next added columns with data and under remarks column in excel and mention error reason for fail case

last write the specific file data in multiple excel under error sheet
1- excel - error sheet - 9 rows with remarks column as error details
2 - excel

every excel has different data

lastly i need to move the 3 excels with error sheet data – to erroro/pfolder
total 27 transactions
9transactions - 1stexcel
9transactions - 2ndexcel
9transactions - 3rdexcel

please suggest in this case how to move particular excel with error sheet writing 9 rows and remarks column information …with the help of transactions