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I need to move specific Excel files from one folder to another. I used MoveActivity but it is not able to understand the path. Not sure why because when I move a .txt file from the same folder it works. I tried adding an .xlsx extension and it didn’t work.

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Hi @MonicaJain

Please check below screenshot


Kommi Jeevan

Hi @MonicaJain,

Can you share some more information, perhaps a screenshot of your move activity. Are you getting an error or is the file just not being moved. Sometimes file paths can be a little funky in UiPath when there are spaces in it, see this post How to handle file paths with spaces?


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Hi @zspilman, the link you sent worked. The “/” was the solution. I file didn’t have spaces but somehow moving excel doesn’t work if I use “” but it works for txt.

I’m trying to add date to the moved file but the error message says “The given path’s format is not supported”.
This is the link on the Destination folder:
“Y:\KMCSHARE\Cobot_” + date.Today.ToString

Any suggestion?

Sure, the default for date.Today.ToString is a format that has slashes and spaces that can mess things up when it comes to file paths. Try something like this “Y:\KMCSHARE\Cobot_” + date.Today.ToString(“MM-dd-yyyy”). You can play around with the format if you would like to include seconds and the like. Kindly mark my last post as the solution so we can close this post :slight_smile:

It worked @zspilman. Thank you so much.

The link you sent worked @zspilman

my pleasure :slight_smile: happy automating!

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