Move dynamically named file from one google drive to another (Gsuite)


Any idea how to move a dynamically named file from one Google Drive folder to another?

I can currently move files using the Move File activity in Gsuite provided I give the “ID of file to move” The issue is the file name always changes based on when the file is generated.

My aim is to move a file that is generated daily such as “Report " +currentdate +”.xlsx"

The first part of the name “Report” is always constant but the second part of the file name is the date the report was generated (a variable “current date” was created)


Hi @Supernova

Please find attached xaml file.

Please mark this as a solution if solved your issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

FilesmovingwithoutSubfolders.xaml (9.7 KB)

Thanks, this would be an ideal solution in any other scenario apart from this. Unfortunately this is not compatible with Google Drive using Gsuite activities in Uipath.

@loginerror Any idea how this could be achieved?


Hi @Supernova,

I could see that the above workflow would perfectly suits your need. I want to understand what is not compatible with the google drive in the above workflow…

Have you tried it in a Gsuite Application scope?