Move data from one data table to another

Hello everyone! I would like to know if it is possible to move a row from the datatable to another datatable, for example:

  1. DT1

  2. DT2

3.After doing an iterative process, DT2 should be filled like this
iteration one
iteration two
iteration three

And DT1 should be empty. I don’t know if it’s possible to do this.
In advance, thank you for your help!

Hi @Cam1

Yes it is possible

Use a for each row in datatable on dt1 and then use a add data row inside the loop and add the currentrow to dt2

After the loop you can use clear datatable to empty it if you want to empty it


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What’s the point? The end result is the same as you had when you started.

Anyway, the simplest way is just to copy DT1 to DT2…

Assign DT2 = DT1

Then use the clear datatable activity to empty DT1.

But again, why? This doesn’t achieve anything.


Because I need to do certain validations with the data that belongs to Data Table 1, but for each data I have to do different processes depending on whether they meet certain requirements. Therefore, in the end I would like to extract each row of data, from data table 1, to which the validations have already been carried out.
Thank you very much for your help!

Thanks for your help! @Anil_G

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Just add a column to DT1 to store the result of your validations, then loop through DT1 and set the value of your validation column.

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