Move all files which contain input string as text

Dear forum members,

My problem is that i have many files like pdf,excel,text in a folder and i need to search a input text inside all files and which files contain that text that would be moved to another folder.
Which activities should be used.

Thankx in advance

first get all files from a folder.
for each file- get extension
based on extension- read text, excel, pdf acoordingly.
for text-you can use stringvariable.contains(“input”). read pdf and convert to text follow same as above. for excel use output datatable and try same

if the conditions are met you can move those specifc files to desired folder using-Move File activity

@Yankit_singh You want all the text files from the provided path or you want only the ‘input’ text file. Kindly confirm to solve your problem. Thanks.

i only want to move those file which has input text.


@Yankit_singh Did u tried my flow?

yes i have tried, but i am not getting how to read file based on extension means how to get extension.

System.IO.Path.GetExtension(String) pass the file name here. Or using string manupulations u can get extension.

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