Move a single PDF from folder with multiple items

Hello all,

3 part question really (appreciate your help, thanks)

I process invoices for our accounts department. I have started creating an automation that requires some input from me (still new to UiPath, so slowly learning how to fully automate), so i need to view individual PDF’s from a folder to get the data (over 200 suppliers, so it’s taking time to get Primer & OCR to identify them all, so this is stop-gap solution)

I would like to know how to:

  1. automate putting a stamp on the top left corner of each PDF…i.e COMPLETED stamp.
  2. Close that PDF, and move it to a completed folder…the folder it is currently in, has multiple PDF’s so can’t move all at once, just one at a time.
  3. Open the next PDF in the folder to start all again.

I will eventually get UiPath to identify all the data is each PDF, and put it all in…but for now, it’s baby steps

**Am open to other suggestions, but i am very new to this, and trying to impress bosses, so they shell out for Studio license

Thank muchly for your time.