Mouseclick missing selected element after recording with anchor


I’m new here, learning UiPath to automate some tasks at work (pretty cool!)

I’m trying to automate a simple click within one of my desktop applications. When recording this click I need to use an anchor, which is fine. However…

After recording this click and executing the steps the click misses it’s element. It end’s up just above it.

I have read that this might be due to my screen scaling settings or an old .Net version. Every app and screen setting is set at 100%, so I removed all old .net versions, updated to the latest version of windows 10 and installed the latest .net version.

After rebooting the problem still persists…

Could it be due to my screen size? I’m using two 27" monitors (iiyama prolite b2783qsu) settings are the same for both screens.

Hopefully one of you knows an answer tot this.

Thanks in advance!

HI @mikebosWPP
Did you use Selector option and mark the icon of desktop application using “Open in UiElement”?
Another question do you really need to record this activity. You can try use Open application activity.


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Hi @niteckam,

I did not use “Open in Ui element”. I simply used Recording → desktop recording → Record.
Then you get the standard “select anchor” message for which I selected a solid, non-changing part of the application.

My application is already open, but I need to make a selection inside it (no keyboard shortcut available)

The actual problem isn’t so much that single click (I could use OCR, which works fine) it’s more the scaling issue that’s bugging me. UiPath seems to find the element, it just clicks on the wrong part of the screen…

I will try to play with selector that may be an issue.
Selectors are sensitive and it may be the issue.
I also work on two monitors and I don’t think here is a main issue.

Question is why don’t use OCR if it works, do you really need Recording?

No for this action I wouldn’t need recording, i could use OCR, that works. The thing is that the scaling issue persists throughout the application. so clicking something will always miss its target. If i’d use OCR for everything then that would slow things down a lot.

When I have the time I will try to record the issue or make some screenshots.

I will definitely check selector or use open application activity. You can prepare screenshots or attached workflow, can be easier to advise.

I’ll try that and will share the workflow later today or tomorrow, thanks for the advice.