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With “Mouse Scroll” activity when distance option is chosen, how do set number of mouse scrolls? What is each mouse scroll distance is equivalent to? For example, to set 5 mouse scrolls or 10 mouse scrolls how to know? If I use Mouse Scroll from Point A to Point B and Mouse Scroll again, then it scroll from Point B to Point C?

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Hi @A_Learner

Regarding the distance equivalent of each mouse scroll, this can vary depending on the application or document that you are scrolling through. In general, one mouse scroll distance is equivalent to approximately 3 lines of text in a standard Windows application. However, this may vary depending on the application, screen resolution, and other factors.

To set the scroll numbers, change the Scroll type to Distance

then set the number of scrolls you want and direction



If you use tillt he element option…then the scroll will happen till the indicated element is found…so if target is indicated as point B then till point B it would…and then if in next scroll its set as point C then it again scrolls till point C

And for distance each scroll distance unit varies for application to application…it is similar to how much scroll you get when you use a scroll manually is the same window…

Hope this helps


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