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Hello everyone ,
I have a liste like below. i want to click on an “article” but it can require a scroll down sometimes.
How can i make it possible because sometimes i can find the" article "without scrolling and sometimes it requires scrolling (dynamic list, dynamic “article”)

Hi @Dhouha_Cherif

   Find the "article" using "Check App State" -->Output: bool_Found
   If Not bool_Found:
      Scroll down using a "Send Hotkey"
      Click on the "article"
While Not bool_Found

Hope it helps.

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If you do the above, be sure to try and find the end of the list as well. Else if the article is missing you’ve just created an endless loop.

Endless loops are bad m’kay?

use element exists with the selector if possible aaname (code article) = “Your article”
time = now
ele exists
if exists → click
else-> scroll down (Make sure you set a selector of the page and maybe a activation click on the table b4)

ele no exists and (time.addmins(5) < now)
This way you make sure the loop is stopped and you have a defined timeout or you can limit the times of the loop as well in the activity property

Thank you very much
It worked

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