Mouse clicks

Hi I have an online system that I would like to automate to log in and run a report. I have tried Powershell to run the route but because the folder structure does not appear until the top folder name has a mouse click administered, I have then tried to set it up through the UIPath.
I can utilise the UIPath to log in fine but it won’t then follow the recording of giving a physical click on the folder name.
Any assistance to find out where I’m going wrong?

@EmmaShrop,After login provide some delay in between and which recording activity did u use?

Hi, thanks for the speedy reply. Left 10 seconds inbetween the log in and the first mouse click just to ensure the page had loaded properly. Tried the web recording and also the desktop just in case that showed me a different error.
The error currently shows that it can’t follow the 2nd mouse click because it can’t see the file structure.

can you check whether the simulate type property (or) sendwindows message is checked for click activity @EmmaShrop

Hi the SimulateClick box is ticked

Error message shows:

Message: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

hi @EmmaShrop

Use Element Exists and based on that you can try to use click on text activity

Ashwin S

Hi Emma,

  • Manually check how much time it take to load the complete file structure and provide the delay accordingly.
  • You can also use image exist to check whether it is loaded properly or not.
  • If simulate click you have already selected then try different approach.
  • Try to scrap the file structure and customize the selector to click on a specific folder name. This will surely work.
  • If you can upload .xaml then I can help you in better way.

Hi @Avanish

The file structure does not complete until the mouse clicks on the top folder name.

The issue I have with sharing is that I can’t give you the log in details to the system, and unless you get past the log in screen I can’t show you what I mean!

Need something that will undertake a physical click of a mouse to open up the file structure, once this is done i can access the rest of the file structure.


Hi Emma,
Try screen scraping with customize click selector, that will do the physical click. I think it will work.
Or put screenshot of the screen where you want to click for better understanding.


Trying to click the reports option.

try following options:

  1. By screen scrapping compare name “Reports” and pass selector in click activity. OR
  2. Manually click on “Reports” and “Content Management” and analyze their selectors. Check for the variable content and pass the “Reports” in the selector and put that selector in the click activity. “Reports” you can keep in a variable. OR
  3. Try to use click on text activity.

Thanks for all the assistance it is appreciated.

I’ve tried to set up some of the options but unfortunately still cannot get the physical click to work. If I look at the debugger information on the page (press F12) then there is nothing listed on the page for the file structure to exist. However after the Reports is clicked it then all appears, therefore there is nothing for the system to see and select. Hence my issue as I was trying to originally set up this access through a powershell script.

Is there anything else that can be used to undertake a physical click?