Mouse Click is not Working on Target Application

Hi ,

I am using trail version of UI path and started to automated one website for writing some data to website . I am using following steps for website.

  1. Created one Flow Chart file .
  2. Created sequence file for login in website .
  3. Created one sequence file for reading data outlook .
  4. created one other and final sequence file for clicking website menu item after that input form will open and data will assign from variable.

My Problem : Problem is started from Point no 4. for clicking on menu item I am taking mouse ‘click’ and when i clicking ‘Indicate on screen’’ for getting point , I was unable to get the image or text .

Giving Error Window : Unspecified error

And I tried to ‘Launch UI Explorer’ for getting the Id of click button , but I am getting same error.

So Please help me what can I do. This is urgent Please help asap.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi ,
Check the following:
Are you using the Open Browser activity to login to site?
You can use attach browser activity and then use click
You can do a web recording to get your desired result
If nothing works then you may use Click image as a last resort.
Hope this helps

Hi ,
Can you give full steps , because still is not working after attaching ‘Attached Browser’.


  1. Web Url is dynamic