Most efficient way to run a robot


I’ve finished a robot that automates receiving, renaming and storing documents by date and type in a sharepoint folder. It also sends some of them through email.
My question is:
So far i’ve been running it on my company laptop and it’s scheduled to run everyday at the same hour an without any problems. But my supervisor questioned me if it would be better to run it on a server, or if theres any benefit on running it through a VM, or even if the robot can actually work as a service, or maybe even running through a cloud.
So far i only explored the more explicit side of the software which is “manually” opening file by file, software by software and basically seizing a computer for it.
Is there any other way to be more efficient? Is it common for people to pay for cloud computing or something like that?

Im sorry in advance for so many newbie questions but i’ve been delighted by the software and i’d like to know how optimal people usually apply them in a big company enviroment.

Hello @teamdsi,

Actually you are running robot on your laptop, using your username to access path etc… This means that if there is any UI command robot needs, the laptop should not be locked while running. Also, if the process takes a lot of time, you will not be able to use you laptop.

Using a VM and another username can be great, but you will need an orchestrator for more efficiency.
you can enroll for an orchestrator for free (with limitations) on Https://
It is great to use and more effencient.

Hope it will help.

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