Most efficient way to automate error message detection


I am currently automating a high-volume low-complexity process, where every case takes about 3 seconds to process (5 clicks) and volumes can go up to several thousand cases per robot run.

For a very small fraction of the cases (~0,1%) there is an error message that pops up, after which the robot simply closes the case (no extra clicks, just an appearing element).

What would be the most efficient activity to capture this error message without delaying the robot too much? I was thinking about using an if statement with element appears but I want to make sure I am choosing the most efficient way, since every extra time delay added to a single case will cause significant delays for the full robot run because of the high volume of cases.

Thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile:


hey @rclo
Use an click activity to close the desired popup and set it timeout to minimum possible value according to your project requirements.
Also set continue on error property to TRUE.

Hi Nilav,
Thanks for your response. The error message is not a popup (I see I stated this incorrectly), but an element that appears on the screen that does not have any buttons or interactions, just shows the error message. I think the click activity does not work in this case. How would you advice?

Then how do you remove this popup?

Its not necessary to close the popup, it just has to recognize the error message and log the case as not processed in my datatable and then close the case in the same way as a succesful case.

Okk so you could use a get text/get ocr text activity if possible and get what error is coming. And set continue on error property to TRUE so that it doesn’t stop workflow.

please share some example file

Thanks I figured out a way to do it efficiently through get text!