Most commonly used robots

Hello community,

I look forward to learning and using UI Path more. Are there some statistics regarding the most common robots and then some place I can go to download those 10 to 20 robots? Then I could modify or build on top of those robots.

I don’t mind creating my own robot but was wondering if there are some cases I don’t need to reinvent the wheel and can employ a more open-source concept. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum:

  1. Go to to start some training. It is really usefull
  2. Create an account on This is the CE (community Edition) of Orchestrator. From there you can download the CE studio/robot software.
  3. If you have it, setup a local VM with win7/10, install the Studio/Robot software and connect them to the CE orchestrator.

at that point you have your Robotics platform ready.

  1. Follow some trainings on the Academy and off you go!
    If you have any questions, just ask them on the forum

And most of all: Have fun

Hi @addiwei

Welcome to the community!!

As @jvanmarion mention, you can prepare yourself to use Uipath and learn the basics through the steps he mentioned…

In this point, I would like to mention that you can also install the community version of the Studio without a VM as well. If you are fine to install on your machine to keep things simple, you can do it without a VM. And the good thing is, UiPath Studio is not a heavy tool and doesnt utilize much resources to work. So it is alright to have in the same machine too…

If you like to Explore on templates and ready to use workflows on different stuff, you can always go to the uipath market place Ui Go! Platform where there are so many ready to use stuff available.

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