Most Active Users - New community feature

A nice feature to show the recognition to the users putting effort to make the automation easy for the community… :blush:
Just out of curiosity how are you identifying the *****(stars)?

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Thanks. We can think about it. I need to check possibilities.

Thank you! Regarding the stars as I wrote in one of my previous answer this must be our magic receipe :slight_smile:

Another thing which makes it “almost” perfect is scale compare to resolution. For my monitor:

AOC 24" 1920x1200

and Chrome 88.0.4324.190 with zoom 100% it looks like this:

The same thing is going on with app forum - opened chrome app by this link:

When I changed zoom to 90% then it’s looking perfect :slight_smile:


Welcome addition to the forum webpage… kudos to @Pablito and team for introducing it.

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Really amazing feature :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: @Pablito

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Amazing and motivating idea :clap: :clap: :clap:


Can you confirm that it’s looking like that on 100%. I tested it on both 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 (which is just wider) and all looks fine. If you are on chrome please do the ctrl+0 shortcut to change website to a default view. Then refresh the page and let me know.

Any other reason why you can have it like that is the scale setting for windows. In case you have more than 100% scale there it can provide such behavior.

Thanks everyone for very good feedback :slight_smile:
Since today I’ve changed the code a little bit. Right now page should not appear anymore on the other sites when zooming.

My monitor to be exact: AOC i2460Pxqu 24"

My settings:

Chrome checked - is default 100 % (I checked page size manually, and used this shortcut as well). Each time the result is the same. Size of that widget is good for me only, when page is on 90%.

Although i like the idea, but i have no use for it. Is there a possibility to deactivate it?. I don’t see the option in my preferences to disable the widget. Can you add that?

I like to keep the “home page” as clean as possible. I don’t mind if a user has over x number of posts or responses. Some users that are less active and have less posts, might give the best answer on a question (just my opinion).

It is true.

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Hi @jvanmarion,
Actually it’s not the default platform component but our own solution. I like this idea and I need to do a research for it. But maybe as a temporary solution it would be good to bring this back at the top without a floating positioning so it will be not visible all the time.

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Cool Feature Pablito! :slight_smile:


Nice and keep growing and glowing team :slight_smile:


where you at man?
supposed to be on the top of this list :thinking:

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Correct :slight_smile: We have another place where we give more direct shutouts to quality content from the previous day, see here:

We’re open to feedback about other queries that you might want to see being reported every day :slight_smile:


Nice :slightly_smiling_face: