Most Active Users - New community feature

Hello Everyone!
I bet that most of you already saw our new Forum feature that is placed on the right side of the main Forum page. For those of you who are still confused let me pop it here.

image image

From now on we will present recent stats of our most active users from the previous day. There are two main reasons why we’ve created it. First, we would like to highlight those of you who are participating the most on the Forum. There is a dedicated table with all stats which was already available here, but we wanted to make it a little bit more visible. Second reason is that I would like to show you another possibility of how UiPath tools can be used. Yes, this feature would not be available without our dear robots :wink:

That being said, let me give you a quick overview of how we made it work.

Calculating the scores

Our Forum has a database. No surprise here. From here, we can use some secret PostgreSQL formula which gives us a nice list of most active users. Please forgive us for not showing you everything, but we don’t want to give away the exact formula. In general, it takes into account most common Forum activity.
It looks somehow like this:

Data refresh

So we have some data right? But how is it possible to embed a table on the Forum? - you may ask. Well, Discourse allows us to go crazy and customize a bunch of things:


And here is where our robot helps us. Without it, we would need to update our customization code every day. Instead, we’ve built an automation that does it for us. Through some trial and error, we have figured out a way to update our customization code via PUT API request. What is even better, we don’t have to update everything but just the bit that contains new ranking for every day.

The project is quite straight forward:

  1. Fetch the required credentials
  2. Build an empty data table that will be filled with the rankings data
  3. Fetch new rankings via Forum API call to our custom query
  4. Loop through the output and fill the data table with new rankings
  5. Prepare the HTML code that will be updated
  6. Update the customization code with one final API call

And now the process runs on our Orchestrator and updates our Most Active Users table once a day :slight_smile:


Please let us know what do you think? We are very curious about your feedback. Should we add something more or maybe we should change something? Go ahead and use the image button to let us know.


This is amazing!! :clap:t3::tada:

It would be great if it could be made visible in every page besides de home page


This is something new i was looking at since morning.
And i really liked the way you explained behind the scenes. :slight_smile:

Can you tell us the significance of the stars beside the name? (I guess more the stars, more active). But anything else it depicts?

Thank you!
It’s worth considering. Basically we didn’t wanted to interrupt with topics but we can think about it :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Another cool thing (but maybe it’s not possible) is to have it floating instead of in a fixed position, so if we scroll down it would always stay visible in the right.

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Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:
As I mentioned we don’t want to go that much into details. Basically to avoid intended actions made by everyone to just be on the top :smiley: Instead we just want to show those who are doing their honest “work” on the Forum. Hopefully it makes sense.


makes sense. Fair Enough!

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Ha! Guess what… it was my first attempt on this. It was floating when we tested it :smiley:
@loginerror what do you think? Maybe we should give it a try?


Personally I like it static :smiley: But I don’t have strong feelings on that.


So let’s try it then :slight_smile:

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A good feature, highlighting the most active users is a good idea

I quite like it static, but you notice it more when it’s floating!


That’s a great idea !! :smile:


Nice one @Pablito


This is indeed very encouraging… Glad to spot myself on the list😁


Good feature.


@Pablito - Great feature…I love it…Love seeing my name …lol :wink:

Update: Depends on the zoom level it disappears sometime…For example 75% it is available on the right… > 75% it disappears…

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Actually it’s a small bug we are working on. The table should be displayed only on the main page :slight_smile:

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Great Feature and very good encouragement for learners…


Nice feature but not working on mobile phones.

Because of the size of screen it should appear on the top or on the bottom of page, if forum is read on smartphone :wink:

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