More then 15 k Records in excel Read range not get data

Excel sheet have 18 k records.I used read range activity more then 30 minutes completed but I did got still showing read range executing.As mention in attachment.

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you want to see the data which is present in the excel using message box?, is that what you are trying to do here??

  • if so, you can do this you are almost there. Use OutPut DataTable activity and pass the read range variable and get a new output variable like outStr

  • Use outStr in message box , it wont display all the data!


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thanks for reply.I want to see in read range.why I am not able to see data in read range.Right now more then 2 hours it still executing this.
After read data then I need to used for each to insert data in web browser.

not in message box.I want to see in read range assign table dt.But more then 4 hours done it still executing