More than one empty rows in excel then keep only one

Hi, I am working on excel having continuously more than 1 rows blank. I want to remove those blank rows but need to keep one blank row as it is.

please refer

So from first two blank rows (there may be three or four blank rows in between of data) i want to keep only 1 row blank.

any idea how can it be done ?


we can use REMOVE DUPLICATE ROWS activity
where pass the datatable variable we have like if named as dt in the input and get the output with the same datatable variable dt

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @mohininemade301094

I guess that will remove both the empty rows. what if I want to keep one from say 2 or 3 ore than that blank rows


The activity is removing all the rows and getting empty dt in return.