More than one date in excel

In excel there is item column name if the item column contains more than one date for example 12/31/2017:amount is 100 ; 12/31/2018:amount is 1000 and in another row 12/31/2017:balance is 100 ; 12/31/2018: balance amount is 1000 and it should update as below
amount is 100
balance is 100
amount is 1000
balance is 1000


It would be easy to understand if you can provide sample Input & Output files


Input fileinput .xls (10.5 KB) here I have given only 3 row value as same but in real time I may get
Output fileoutput.xls (10.5 KB)

Can you please help me with this

Hi @sruthesanju

I can’t see amount and balance in the given excels. Kindly confirm whether these excel are correct.

If yes, then explain how should be the output, I could see in the output excel it mentioned as ‘date: write read’ in all the rows.