More StudioX training scenarios?

Hi there :slight_smile: I have completed my StudioX training, but I would like to train with some more scenarios, in order to get used with more actions. Where do I find these or do that exist at all? Thanks in advance

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Congratulations for completing the training material , as for ideas … well here’s something that I wanted to implement myself for some time : A process that reads data from an excel file and then creates defects in jira :slight_smile:
The sky is the limit , all thought not everything is can be automated with StudioX ( can’t get the bastard to make me a coffee in the morning when I come to work :smiley: )


Yeah! :slight_smile: I know the sky’s the limit. However, the best way for me to get familiar with the actions, is to see how the actions are used in real scenarios, so I can relate to them :slight_smile:

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hi @Sondergaard
congratulation for the completion
i can suggest you then you can participate forum question that peoples are having various issues in studio X , so you can gave solution for them . I hope this will be the best way to learn more