More control over Transaction Item and Paused status

What I whan to say is that we are limited in actions with transaction items. We can do things, but there are some possibilites to improve:

  • I often need to get one specific transaction item and can do it only by reference (priority property can’t help because there are complex rules for priority decision), so I need to add unique string to reference so it’s hard to use reference for anything else. Why we can’t get transaction item by ItemKey property?
  • I want to add comment to the transaction item in progress, but can do it only through site. Why robot can’t write a comment? And also robot can’t read comments. What a shame.
  • Sometimes it’s need to set transaction item except succes or fail (e.g. abandon immediatly for some reason or set transaction to new).
  • I have a process that includes human work in middle. And human absolutly cannot say how much time it takes to do his work. One day. Few days. Few weeks. I cannot leave transaction item in “In Progress” status because it will be abandoned sooner or later. And also I cannot postpone transaction item because of no one can say when human work will be done and robot can continue process with that specific transaction item. We can use another queue but still paused status can help in situations like this.