More concise error messaging for unattended robots

A query which comes up both internally and on the forum frequently is around seeing “Use Interactive Login” on unattended assistants, and being misled to believe there’s an error, whereas in reality the issue is just the fact they either need to sign in using their developer credentials, or configure an unattended troubleshooting session.

Troubleshooting sessions have come in with no big announcement which is quite confusing for alot of customers and fellow devs, so it would be nice to see this “error” message improved slightly to reflect there isn’t an error as such, just the fact a troubleshooting session needs to be enabled and maybe a link on how to do this.

Hello, Josh! :hugs:

Thank you very much for reaching to us with this issue. We acknowledge that the status is not clear enough, we are working on improving it and we will provide better messages in a future release :rocket:

Please keep the feedback coming!

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