More colors to highlight syntax in the expression editor

Showing color code in functions for the parenthesis help us to understand where to open and where to close the bracket

For example: (((From dr As DataRow In dtData Select Convert.ToInt32(dr(“ID”))).ToArray()).Distinct()).ToArray()

From the above it’s difficult to understand the text in between the starting and closing bracket or a bracket belongs to which text. We can understand easily if color code is applied like in excel while debugging the function like shown below.


Please ignore if it’s already posted. I had checked with string “Color code” , but did not see any posting. I am sorry if I miss.


Hi @ashok_tumuluri

I like the idea! I moved it to a separate topic in the Ideas section for other users to discuss it :slight_smile:

I feel like colorful brackets would indeed add to the current expression editor experience.